Futureland gives young people a voice

On 18 September 2021, Futureland invited to a festival on the field at Vibevadgaard. It was the end of the official climate week in Lejre Municipality, and of course Plant a Seed helped start the party.

Futureland works to strengthen the voice of young people in both large and small communities, and we support this. We believe that the solutions of the future will be better and stronger if they are also based on the young people's experiences, knowledge base, ideas and attitudes.

At the festival, a number of young people were allowed to present their knowledge and contributions directly – to politicians, educational institutions, companies, villages, professional staff and administration.

The day was filled with a wide range of actors who provided live input from reading climate texts, open air bio, tastings of climate-friendly study food and sound walks in the forest. And throughout the day there was the opportunity to buy sustainable snacks and drinks on the farm.