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If you are considering enrolling your school in our teaching course, it is unfortunately not yet possible, as we are still developing the course with three local schools. But we are very happy to share our thoughts about the project, so that you may You can start similar activities at your school yourself.

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The association "Plant a Seed"
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Marie Chimwemwe Degnbol, undervisningscoordinator
Henrik Byrial, manager

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Who are we

Henrik Byrial

Head of Plant a Seed

Henrik is an organic farmer and researcher (PhD) in plant physiology. In collaboration with other researchers, he has developed a number of patented natural medicine preparations and has conducted clinical trials with leading doctors in Denmark to document their effect on human health. The development takes place in the laboratory at Vibe Økologi, where the students are also taught methods and creativity within the natural sciences. He has previously been a senior researcher and research group leader in the area of ​​food at Aarhus University and has sat on a number of boards in companies that research plants and human health. He farms 45 hectares of organic land at Vibevadgaard with berries, fruit and herbs. For 11 years, he has been restaurant NOMA's main supplier of fruit and berries. In addition, Aronia juice and powder are produced for the health market in Vibe Økologi. Henrik has for many years worked with climate-related issues and worked for several years on starting a climate experimentarium for school students. In addition, he has participated in a number of local climate initiatives and has completed projects with geothermal heating, solar cells integrated in the farm's greenhouse (off-grid) and the installation of solar cells that drive the farm's electricity consumption. Finally, together with researchers, he conducts experiments with climate-friendly cultivation of berry bushes – including C fixation in the soil as a function of cultivation technique.

Marie Chimwemwe Degnbol

Koordinator, underviser og kommunikationsansvarlig

Marie is a teacher, developer and communications worker on the farm. She has a Masters in sociology and political science and has worked with communication and facilitation in relation to the sustainable transformation of everyday life and green communities. She is a kitchen garden enthusiast, nature lover and long-time scout leader, and brings her experience and enthusiasm with her when she teaches in the school gardens.

Christina Guldberg

Biologist and teacher

Christina is a teacher on the farm. She has a scientific background as a biologist and combines this with versatile knowledge and practice within presence training exercises such as yoga, mindfulness and meditation. Through her teaching, Christina builds a bridge between nature and human. The starting point for her teaching is always play and movement with deep respect for each individual's abilities and limitations. Christina is also responsible for introducing the children to "Nature right now" - a fixed element in the introduction, where the students become aware of the things that surround them in nature at a given season, learning to name them and having dialogues about the plant/mushroom/others' function and place in an ecosystem.