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Henrik Byrial nominated for "Food Soul of the Year"

The father of Plant a Seed, Henrik Byrial, was nominated for the "Food Spirit of the Year" award for his work with children and school gardens.

Arla writes about the award itself: "Arla would like to pay tribute to those who do something special to create good eating habits among children and young people. That is why we have created Generation Food Award, which is an annual award show. Within 8 different categories, the food heroes who have made an extraordinary effort and helped to shape the good and healthy eating habits of the next generation are chosen. The Food Soul of the Year award pays tribute to the food spirit of the year, who makes an extraordinary difference to the eating habits of children and young people.

Unfortunately, Henrik did not get the award – it went to another fantastic zealot – but we are proud and happy about the nomination. It's a pat on the back that can be felt, and gives even more enthusiasm to the work with Plant a Seed.

Here you can see the small video that Arla made in connection with the nomination. They visited us on the farm on a sunny day in August - thanks to all the sweet children from Allerslev School who helped make the day fantastic!