Podcast about Plant a Seed

Come and visit Plant a Seed on a beautiful October day in 2022. Teachers and students talk about their experiences in the forest, the gardens, the laboratory and by the fire – and what it means to them to participate in Plant a Seed. Henrik Byrial and the teachers talk about the process and the thoughts behind it.

You can listen to the podcast here or on the platforms where you usually listen to podcasts.

Children from Kirke Hyllinge school: Karl, Esther, Luise, Emilie, Ida Sofie, Laurits, Viktor, Mohamad and Jakob - and their teacher, Laila.
Farm owner, farmer and researcher Henrik Byrial.
Project coordinator and teacher Lena Thulstrup Andreassen.
Teacher Christina Guldberg.
Instructor Marie Chimwemwe Degnbol.

Production: Marie Chimwemwe Degnbol for the Association Plant et Frø.