Burning desire to further develop Plant a Seed

We are working to raise funds for a 3-year evaluation, development and dissemination project. That overall purpose is to contribute to a holistic nature education for the intermediate level of primary school, which increases well-being, stimulates the children's scientific interest, and supports the child's self-understanding of being part of nature.

Concretely, we want to evaluate, further develop and disseminate the teaching course PeF. We will prepare pedagogical principles and inspirational material that strengthen the current teaching process and provide concrete, practical tools to create similar teaching processes for the intermediate stages of primary school in other external learning environments.

The project will be carried out in close cooperation with, among others, the three local schools Allerslev Skole, Kirke Hyllinge Skole and Osted Friskole, evaluation consultants and researchers, as well as experts in sustainable education.

The project will extend over 3 years, and it will be launched in 2023, if the necessary funds can be obtained from foundations.

Fingers crossed!

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