The Plant a Seed teaching course combines practical skills with self awareness and connection to nature

Åbent hus på Vibevadgaard 11/9-23

Kom på besøg og oplev vores skolehaver, naturyoga og naturlab-aktiviteter, når Plant et Frø slår dørene op til åbent hus d. 11/9 kl 16.30-19.00 på Vibevadgaard i Lejre. Tag familien og picnic-kurven under armen og...

Podcast about Plant a Seed

Come and visit Plant a Seed on a beautiful October day in 2022. Teachers and students talk about their experiences in the forest, the gardens, the laboratory and by the fire – and what it means to them to participate...

Henrik Byrial nominated for "Food Soul of the Year"

The father of Plant a Seed, Henrik Byrial, was nominated for the award "Food Soul of the Year" for his work with children and school gardens. Arla writes about the award itself: "Arla would like to pay tribute to those who do something special for...

Burning desire to further develop Plant a Seed

We are working to raise funds for a 3-year evaluation, development and dissemination project. The overall purpose is to contribute to a holistic nature education for the intermediate stages of primary school, which increases well-being, stimulates interest in science, and supports the child's...

Cycle tour to Vibevadgård, Øm Klostergård, Hegnsholt and Lavringe Jord

Join us on a joint, guided family-friendly cycle tour (on your own bike) to four exciting places, all near Lejre, where work and experiments are carried out with sustainable, climate-friendly food production, with new methods, new forms,...

Food workshop on the way

Hurray! On 3 May 2022, we received a commitment from Realdania's Wonders pool for support to realise a food workshop at Vibevadgaard. The food workshop will form the framework for school children's education in sustainable cycles and cooking. It may...

Futureland gives young people a voice

On 18 September 2021, Futureland invited to a festival on the field at Vibevadgaard. It was the end of the official climate week in Lejre Municipality, and of course Plant a Seed helped start the party....

Agreement with three schools in house

Since 2010, children from 4th and 5th grades have tried their hand at the teaching process at Vibevadgaard. This has resulted in many valuable dialogues with children, teachers, parents and the municipality. And now the time is ripe for...

Plant a Seed combines an understanding of self with the study of nature

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Teaching with calmness, curiosity and presence

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